Clinical Data

AEOL 10150 has already performed well in animal safety studies, been well-tolerated in two human clinical trials, demonstrated efficacy in two species in acute radiation syndrome (ARS) studies and demonstrated statistically significant survival efficacy in an acute radiation-induced lung injury model. AEOL 10150 has also demonstrated efficacy in validated animal models for GI-ARS, chlorine gas exposure, and sulfur mustard gas exposure.

Efficacy has been demonstrated in Lung-ARS in both rodent and non-human primate studies (“NHP”), with AEOL 10150 treated groups showing significantly reduced weight loss, inflammation, oxidative stress, lung damage, and most importantly, mortality.  Therapeutic efficacy was demonstrated when delivered after exposure to radiation (24 hours after exposure for mice in the GI-ARS study and NHPs in the Lung-ARS studies, and two hours after exposure for mice in the Lung-ARS studies).